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Welcome to Christa McDonald's Page

Christa Mcdonald

Thanks for visiting Vaughn's page. You all know how much I love Friendship Circle, it has helped Vaughn to grow in so many ways. He just got back from his second overnight camp with them, and he was smiling from ear to ear for hours....each camper has a camping buddy, and he really enjoyed this new friendship. To help support programs and to thank all of those involved (especially those incredible teen volunteers who never cease to amaze me)...we walk! Click on the video below the picture of Vaughn on the bike to learn more. If you are able to make a pledge it goes to a great cause, if you would like to walk please join us and if you're just able to send us your positive energy we will be grateful. We are blessed!



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1. ALAmy Lee
Go team Vaughn! Love you all.
2. DKDennis A. Kargol
Christa, you are a great mom, and Vaughn, you are a great kid! God bless you.
3. TSTama Smith
Go Christa!! Love you!
4. CGCinamon Good

Team Vaughn