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Welcome to Gary Karp's Page

Gary Karp
Our daughter and sister Jaime was one of the first ten children to join Friendship Circle.
As one of the first, she has reaped the benefits of Friendship Circle throughout her formative years and continues to do so today.
Years later, Jaime is now one of nearly 3,000 kids that have had their lives enriched by Friendship Circle’s services for the past 19 years. Their facility, known as LifeTown, has provided some truly unique and essential tools for Jaime’s development.
Weinberg Village is a true-to-life village that contains a bank, library, doctor’s office, movie theater, pet shop, hair salon and more. With real working intersections and a volunteer police officer, this cityscape allows children like Jaime to learn essential life-skills in a safe, non-threatening environment. At LifeTown, the children are paired with teens who guide them through these programs while nurturing friendships that enrich the spirits of both volunteer and child.
As you can see, the work of Friendship Circle has touched our life in many ways. And that is why we have chosen to participate in the Walk4Friendship 2015. We are writing today to ask you for a donation. By donating to Walk4Friendship you can join us and Friendship Circle in our mission to open loving arms to our “special friends.” To honor your commitment of support, my family will match your donation; dollar for dollar.


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