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Welcome to Joel & Debbie Pearlman's Page

Joel & Debbie Pearlman
Friendship Circle is a very special organization that provides programming for children with special needs. We have been members for over 12 years and are grateful and overwhelmed by all of the things that they are able to provide for Dani. At FC, Dani has been part of day camps, overnight camps, weekly programs, trips to Cedar Point, Lose the Training Wheels bike riding program and her most meaningful experience, a Bat Mitzvah. Two summers ago, while visiting Mackinac Island, the staff of the Friendship Circle officiated a beautiful Bat Mitzvah ceremony for Dani and our family. This moment will forever be one of the most amazing things I have ever been part of.

In addition to her Bat Mitzvah ceremony and all of these wonderful programs, Dani gets something at Friendship Circle that is truly the most important. She receives love, friendship, understanding, and acceptance. As Dani's mom and dad, we couldn't ask for anything more!!!!

Every year Friendship Circle has an annual walk in which it raises funds and community awareness so that they can continue to provide such amazing programs. Please help support The Walk4Friendship 2015 by becoming a walker or by making a donation. You can sign up below by hitting the link.

Thanks so much, in advance, for your support!!!
Love, Debbie and Joel


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