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Welcome to Joshua's Minions' Team Page

Joshua's Minions

Joshua's Minions are back, and once again, we are Walking 4 Friendship!!

Friendship Circle leverages a core professional staff, an excellent facility, and truly extraordinary volunteers to provide programming to special-needs children, creating opportunities for kids to engage in and benefit from a wide range of activities from which, in a mainstream environment, these kids might otherwise be excluded. It also provides some core "basic skills" programs for those that it need it, and a truly supportive environment for the families of these special-needs kids.

But for Joshua's Minions, this is more than just about supporting an amazing community agency... It is about saying "thank you" to an organization that has brought real quality experiences to Joshua and others like him... and true support for us, those who love him! It is about Joshua and his fiercely loyal group of "minions" rallying behind an organization that exists to improve quality of life and succeeds in its mission!!

Please join us in supporting Friendship Circle with a donation... or even better, become a minion and join the team! See you at the Walk!!

Sharyn & Alan Gallatin
Lead Minions

Alan Gallatin
  • JGJoshua Gallatin
  • RGRose Gallatin
Valerie Durham
  • ADAl Durham
Randi Berris
  • GBGordie Berris
  • RBRachel Berris
Stacy Gittleman
  • CGCraig Gittleman
  • TGToby Gittleman
  • NGNathan Gittleman


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