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Hannah's Heroes

It's that time of the year again. Walk 4 Friendship is just around the corner. We always appreciate all the support we get from everybody. Please consider joining our team again. As a member of our team you can walk with us on Sunday, September 6, donate to our team, help us reach our fundraising goal or share this with others. Remember we appreciate any level of contribution, whether it is walking with us or donating a dollar amount. Will you be one of Hannah's Heroes?

Michal Burshtein
  • EBEitai Burshtein
  • NBNoam Burshtein
Alexandra Borseth
  • ABAndrea Borseth
  • SBScott Borseth
  • KBKurt Borseth
Pamela Gabaldon
  • RMRiki Maruszczak
  • SHSamantha Hohmann
Stephen Freund
  • MFMara Freund
  • AFAndrew Freund
  • JFJulia Freund


raised of $3,600 goal

32 Walkers

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Congratulations on a job well done. Glad we could be part of it.