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Team Gianna

Since last year Gianna has made incredible progress with the help and support of her family, friends, therapists and organizations like Friendship Circle. Gianna has now learned to dance, sing, use the potty (finally), progressing from one or two words talking to three or more, swim with nothing but her suit on. Finding people that have the patience for her is still a struggle, which is why FC is such an important part of our lives. Please join us on the walk or think about donating to a place that is near and dear to our hearts and a wonderful cause.
Rick, Melanie, Gianna and Garritt

Melanie Maas
  • RMRick Maas
  • GMGianna Maas
  • GMGarritt Maas
Amy Janczarek
  • CJCharlotte Janczarek
  • WJWyatt Janczarek
Bryan Mutchler
  • LMLisa Mutchler
  • NMNoah Mutchler
  • AMAmelia Mutchler
  • EMEvan Mutchler
  • HMHanna Mutchler
Paul Farrar
  • LFLauren Farrar
  • EFEmily Farrar


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